Executive Search

AppShare works with our Clients in an iterative and consultative process aimed at selecting only the highest quality employees and leaders for your firm. Our success in these partnerships depends upon mutual commitment, trust, candor and responsiveness throughout the search progresses.

Outstanding Client Service begins with a full understanding of the client organization, its business needs, its competitive environment, and the position to be filled. We take the time to develop a deep understanding of our Clients and to work with them to develop a focused search process that is designed to deliver only the best qualified candidates. All services, guarantees, and project milestones are all documented in writing.

Confidentiality and Competitive Advantage is always important when locating and hiring critical staff. Your company's competitors are frequently the best source of qualified candidates, but these candidates may not be available to you. We have methods and processes that allow us to locate and converse with these passive candidates, thereby locating the best qualified talent for your company. All executive searches are conducted with sensitivity to your business environment and all of our work is completely confidential.

Integrity, Loyalty, and Honesty is a consistent theme in all of our recruiting efforts. We work for you, our Client. We conduct all of our search assignments to your particular specifications. AppShare Executive Recruiters thoroughly evaluate every candidate before we present them to you for review, and we always avoid conflicts of interest. We are your advocates in the employment marketplace, working to develop a positive presence for your company.