Appshare BPM Professional Services Overview

Mission is to be your trusted partner for successful delivery of every Appshare implementation

Complete Portfolio of Professional Services

We are an Appshare BPM specialized consulting services company providing Appshare BPM Advisory and Implementation Services.

Our in-house Appshare Center of Excellence, dedicated Appshare Quality Lab, Domain and Technical leadership, specialized End User Support, and a sound delivery model is what makes us a successful Appshare implementer.

Consulting and Project Planning

  • Appshare BPM Awareness Sessions
  • Business Case Evaluation
  • Process Fitments Analysis
  • Project Scoping, Schedule and SDLC Management

Design and Architecture

  • Functional and Non Functional Requirements gathering
  • Solution architecture and design
  • Documenting technical functional and non functional specification

Development Services

  • Development strategy and approach
  • Appshare code development configuration and customization
  • Code reviews and best practice check-list execution

Quality Assurance

  • Test plan development and review
  • Functional and Non Functional testing
  • Automated and Manual Test cases development and execution

Maintenance & Support

  • Ongoing Application Support and Maintenance
  • Migration Support
  • End User Support
  • Incident and Enhancement Management
  • Self Service Application Knowledge Base management

Appshare Server Administration

  • End to End Appshare Server Administration
  • SSO, ADFS & LDAP Integrations
  • Server Monitoring & Health Check-ups
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup

Appshare Center of Excellence

  • Appshare Center of Excellence constructed by experienced and certified Appshare consultants and driven by an extensive delivery model tailor made for Appshare projects to makes sure on Quality, best practices and delivery expectations.
  • Even improving customized Appian Best Practice Check-list to review each and every part of the process.
  • Dedicated Appshare BPM University to document and share learnings, challenges and its resolutions on a weekly basis.

Appshare COE ensures all our services and solutions adhere to

  • Appshare best practices and standards
  • High value at low cost, using our extensive experience in designing scalable and effective solutions
  • Guiding on the many benefits offered by the powerful Appshare BPM platform

Following is what our Appshare COE is involved on a daily basis

  • Design Patterns
  • Generic Frameworks
  • Self Learning
  • Knowledge Reuse
  • Best Practices
  • Accurate Effort Estimation
  • Functional/ Technical Support
  • Expertise Building
  • Productivity & Performance Improvement
  • Data Modelling
  • Change Management

Appshare Quality Lab

  • Making quality your habit is our goal and we achieve it by our dedicated testing lab with proven test processes, strategies and governance model.
  • Appshare customized check-list for validating common occurring issues, security configurations, data retention policies, alert setup, escalations, exceptions, etc.
  • Documented automated and manual testing frameworks all functional and non-functional requirements.

Appshare Server Lab

Server Setup and Appshare Configurations

  • Application Server, Appshare Server, Database Server and Web server Installation and Configuration
  • Email Configuration and polling
  • Performance tuning

Server Monitoring and Alerts

  • Setup monitoring and alerts of Appshare, Jboss and database servers
  • Ensuring system stability and performance
  • Appshare Smart Service Performance monitoring

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Perform the backup of Appshare engines, database and Appshare data
  • Verification of backup
  • Recovering the Appshare Engines and restoration of server

Appshare version upgrade and hot fixes deployment

  • Upgrade Appshare server to latest version
  • Applying Appshare hotfixes
  • Migration of custom code during the upgrades

Windows Server Settings and Management

  • Microsoft Windows Updates on Windows Servers
  • Windows Log analysis and software setups
  • All windows configuration related to Appshare, application server

Setup and Configuration of Third Party Authentication

  • Development and integration of SSO in Appshare
  • LDAP integration with Appshare

Appshare Advantage : Our Accelerators

Appshare BPM Domain Experience

  • Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Travel and Hospitality
  • Our experience in various domains has helped us teach ourselves challenges various organizations face and have to invest fortunes to get over them. We apply all our learnings, domain and technical experience to help you prevent such scenarios.
  • Our domain experience works as an accelerator for implementing your business processes, as we are already well aware of industry standards, key requirements, compliance and regulatory needs for your business.

Our Human Capital

  • 40+ Appshare Consultants
  • 25+ ACAD Certified Consultants (8 ACAD level 2 Certified)
  • 75+ Exceptional A scores for 70% of our consultants (internal A score in line with Appshare)

50+ Successful Appshare Implementations

Our story so far as an Appshare implementation partner.

Trust we have developed and retained as an Appshare implementation partner with all our customers and partners is what we consider our biggest achievement so far.